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Differences between Temic Card and Mifare Card
The Difference between Temic Card and Mifare 1 Card
Low Capability 40byte 
Normal Encrypt
Low Frequency125KHZ 

High capability 1000byte 
High Encrypt 

High Frequency13.56MHZ 

The advantage of Mifare 1 card:
1. As key card function 
You can use our equipments (software and encoder) to programme the Mifare1 card 

as key card.

2. All-in-one function 
There are 16 sectors in MIFARE 1 CARD. You can write different data into it and 
make it to be " All-in-one" card, which may use to open lock, check in and check 
out, parking, consume in restaurant or spa like a credit card. 
For the mifare 1 card, we use Sector0 and Sector 15; you can write information on
any sector except Sector0 and Sector 15.
How to register the MF card guest expense,You should buy another system. 
(Purchase management system, it is a management software with encoder, it is made
by the professional PMS system supplier)

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