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Hotel Smart Card Lock

Smart lock seriesQ & A
  •  Question: It’s electrical lock, but also need mechanical key, does it safe?
    Answer:  First, electrical product can not guarantee never goes wrong, once the electrical part goes wrong, you can use the key to open the door. Second, when power off, you also can use the key to open the door.
  •  Question: Is there unlock record and how to read the record?
    Answer:  There is a RAM in lock. It has high capacity of memory, can store 200 unlock records, including the IC card and key opened record. If you need to read the record, use the record card and data acquisition unit and then connect to computer to read.
  •  Question:  If the door is back locking, by which way to open the door?
    Answer:  There are four ways to open the door: A. use master card. B. use mechanical key. C. use emergency card. D.use guest card.
  •  Question: Is there a function of time control? How to control the not pay guest to open the door?
    Answer:  There is a clock chip in the lock, you can set the valid time when issue the guest card. If the time is over, the guest needs to pay to open the door.
  •  Question: Whether the lock needs on-line to use? How the data is transmitted to the locks when out of line?
    Answer:  Stand-alone lock does not need on-line, because it via card and handwork to transmit data.

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