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Engery Saver Switch ESS-RF
Energy saving switch function:
- Both a power switch and energy saver which is used to save electricity for rooms for inns, hotels or any school dormitory or house ..etc  Guests or persons insert the smart cards into the socket to gain the power for the rooms or take out the cards from the socket to cut off the power for a room.
- Saving cost of management for hotels,office and apartment,etc, and the same time, reduce consumption of electric resource to protect surrounding environment.

MCU Processor 24MHz/64k MCU Dissipation power <0.2W
Operating voltage AC50Hz 190~240V
AC60Hz 90~130V
Operating temperature -10~60 degree
Current loading Control output 16A Egress time delay 15seconds
Operating humidity At 50degree 10~95%RH Warranty period 2 Years

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